O.K. is Great

Thanks for visiting my website!  I’m all over the Interwebs, and the easiest way to stay up to date is to follow my blog.  If you’re here to check out what I’ve been writing, well you’re in the right place!  I’m currently working on my second book, but here’s why you should get a copy of my debut novel.

Are you the coolest kid around?  Probably not, but that’s okay, because Otis Kalshwonkee is just okay too.  O.K. is Great by David Tiefenthaler is the story of a 7th grade boy who isn’t satisfied with surviving through middle school.  He wants to be the greatest, but he has absolutely no idea on how to be great, especially if greatness means hard work.

Click the picture to check out the paperback version for sale at Amazon.com, or you can pick up a copy of O.K. is Great for your Kindle here.

Here’s a few O.K. Reviews, so you can see what other folks are saying instead of just listening to an unbiased source like me, the author of O.K. is Great. (P.S. I do think it’s a great book!)

“A spirited 12-year-old thinks he’ll never be anything but average until he recognizes his own gifts in this witty and wise novel for middle schoolers from a first-time author/illustrator…This well-observed, funny book for middle schoolers scores high marks for the true-to-life observations, trials, and successes of its lively 12-year-old protagonist.” – Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus is a big deal in the publishing industry, so I’m pretty proud of that one.  Here’s a few more.

“I like this little book a lot. Most trips back to middle school are cringe inducing, but this one was full of laughs. Reading O.K. was almost like I was there myself, but more fun than when I actually was. The author nails it with his descriptions of being a scrappy kid, of having big dreams, of being surrounded by people who just don’t get you. O.K. is a great character and I particularly liked the depictions of the “mean girls” at school and his brother and sister. A fun read for a middle-schooler, but for everyone else, too.” – Goodreads Review

“I love this book. It is humorous, but well grounded in reality. The author seems to know and understand well the angst of adolescent boys. If you have enjoyed the wimpy kid books try this one. It is well written and has great illustrations. 6th and 7th grade boys will love it.” – Amazon Reader Review

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