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My real name is David Tiefenthaler, but using Tiefsa as a moniker is easier for leaving comments and such.  Anyways, this is my about me page.

The only thing productive that I do for society is teach middle school, and you should thank me for that, repeatedly.  Teaching the finer points of reading and writing to a classroom of 25 to 30 tweens is crazy hard work.  Most days, I feel like my students learned something valueable, but there are days where I walk away out of the school more frustrated than a cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake (That’s my favorite folksy saying).

Other things…

I like to write middle grade fiction.  Someday soon, my first book will be out for public consumption.  I’m hoping to release my first effort, “O.K. is Great” in May of 2015.  Writing books still doesn’t feed my constant need to create things, so I keep this journal (I don’t like the word blog) to write about my other interests.

Here’s a list of things I like to write about.  My kids, my wife, sports, my glory days playing sports, my pathetic body that won’t cooperate and let me be good at sports any more, my cat, my teaching career, my poetry, and lots of other things that have the word “my” at the front because I’m an all about me kind of guy.  Speaking of me, here’s a picture.

Hi.  I'm Dave and I need a shave.

Hi. I’m Dave and I need a shave.

I think that’s from eight years ago.  I look way worse now.

I wish there were trading card for writers, like sports players have.  If these did exist, this is what would appear on the back of my card.


Name: David Tiefenthaler

Nickname: Tiefsa (pronounced Teef – sa)

Age: 30’s

Height: 6′ 1”

Weight: Right around two bills

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Homestate: Wisconsin

Favorite Medium: Coloring on printer paper with Crayola markers

Previous Places of Employment: Summer School Janitor, Roller Rink Referee, Busboy, Grocery Shelf Stocker, Cashier at a Video Rental Store (those stores really did exist before), Landscaper, Pier and Boat Lift Installer, Night-Club Disc Jockey, Radio Station Producer, Supervisor at a Juvenile Delinquent Center, Cross Country Coach, Track Coach, Baseball Coach.

Current Place of Employment: Middle School Teacher

Spouse: Lisa Tiefenthaler

Offspring: Three Kids!  I’ve given each one a pseudonym for the blog.  There’s my rambunctious youngest son, Ivan the Wonderful.  The one in the middle is my daughter, The Flower Child.  Finally, there’s my oldest son, Bob the Builder.

Take care,

David “Tiefsa” Tiefenthaler


  1. Congrats on finding the lit agent! That can be so hard, I think. What genre do you write?

  2. You bat and throw right? See, this professor…I’m left!

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