Little White Boy

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Hey ya’ll.

I’m trying a new thing out.  I have an idea for a story.  That’s not entirely accurate.  Actually, I’ve started writing a new story, and I’m sharing it, chapter by chapter, on Wattpad.

Here’s the cover image.  I’ll let you all know more when I know a little more…

Little White Boy

The Kirkus Review of O.K. is Great

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Because I wanted to see what the professionals think, I submitted my book, O.K. is Great, for a Kirkus Review.  Apparently, this publication is a pretty big deal in the publishing industry.  I was nervous to see what they would say, and I guess I shouldn’t have been.  They were more than okay with O.K.  Here’s my favorite two lines from their review.

“A spirited 12-year-old thinks he’ll never be anything but average until he recognizes his own gifts in this witty and wise novel for middle schoolers from a first-time author/illustrator.” – Kirkus Reviews

O.K. is Great

“This well-observed, funny book for middle schoolers scores high marks for the true-to-life observations, trials, and successes of its lively 12-year-old protagonist.” – Kirkus Reviews

Go ahead and read the full review here if you don’t believe me.

I love my book and think it is the greatest, but I can only shout into the wind so much.  I understand that, but everyone that gives O.K. a chance seems to really enjoy it.  On Goodreads and on Amazon, the reviews have all been very good.  It’s averaging between 4.8 to 4.9 stars out of 5.  My wife thinks that’s quite good, and she’s a math teacher, so it is statistically doing great too!

Here’s my sales pitch of the day.  Take a chance on O.K.  Get a copy today!

My Cat on YouTube and Monarchs on Instagram

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I’ve got to be where my audience is, and I’m hoping they are out there somewhere watching YouTube videos or looking at Instagram pictures.  That’s why I’m getting my feet wet this summer with these two social media options.

This weeks YouTube entry involves my cat, Sylvie.  She’s super normal, so it was a stretch trying to get her to perform in the video.  Let’s just say she’s no Grumpy Cat, nor is she Lil Bub.

As for Instagram, I’ll post my favorite of the week.  This is also a bit of a prelude to what video I’m making next week.  Hope you like monarch caterpillars and butterflies.

Also, I spotted the coolest little bug while looking for caterpillars on milkweed. This rainbow colored bug. The common name for it is the candy striped leafhopper. Seems appropriate.

Looking for #monarch #caterpillars when I found this cool little #Rainbow #Bug.

A photo posted by David Tiefenthaler (@davidtiefenthaler) on

Take care,

David Tiefenthaler

Geocache at a Little Free Library

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Someone on Twitter brought up Geocaching the other day, and I decided that I should give it a try.  Here’s the video footage.

Another event that happened recently was a “Dirty Ninja Mud Run” and all three of my children partook in the event. Here’s the footage of my kids totally tearing it up!

That’s all for now.  Hope you’re having a good summer, just like my family is!

So You Think You Can Dance the Whip and Nae Nae – Watch Me!

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There’s an old saying, “Dance like a lot of people are watching, so you can embarrass yourself.”  Pretty wise stuff.  I know.

I live by that credo, so here’s a dance instructional video.

You can thank me later when you know what to do at the next wedding you attend.   You’ll be like, “I know how to do The Whip and the Nae Nae!  Let’s dance!”

Take care,

David Tiefenthaler

Shark Week Video Entry – Spiny Dogfish Fishing

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I was on vacation the past week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  At the same time as we were down there, there were several shark attacks just to the north of us in North Carolina.  I can see why.  At the beach we were at, in Garden City, South Carolina, which is just south of Myrtle Beach, we saw several sharks at the pier.  The sharks are there all the time because of the fisherman.  I’m not talking little baby sharks either.  These were eight foot long bull sharks that troll the waters.  The weird thing is, the swimmers and surfers didn’t even flinch about it.  There were several of them swimming and surfing only 20 meters from where we were seeing sharks!  Crazy people, I tell you.

Anyways, I didn’t go swimming anywhere near the pier.  I did go in the ocean a few times, but only up to my knees.  Apparently, that’s all you have to be in though to get attacked.  I read some of the reports, and it seems none of the people who were bit were in deep water.

I did get up close and personal with one kind of shark called the “spiny dogfish”.  We caught some when we went on a fishing charter.  Watch the video!

It was rough seas, but we all managed to keep our lunch down.  Sorry that there’s no footage of me catching a shark, but I really did.  You gotta believe me!

A Great Review for O.K. from Readers’ Favorite

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The first professional review of O.K. is Great is in, and it makes me want to cry tears of joy.  I didn’t cry, mainly because I’m a man who has troubles showing his emotions, but I’m crying on the inside, like normal.

Readers' Favorite Five Star Review

Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

O.K. is Great is a preteen coming of age novel written and illustrated by David Tiefenthaler. Otis Kalshwonkee’s been known by the nickname “OK” for as long as he can remember. He hates it because it seems to symbolize the fact that he’s just average in everything he does. His big brother Stu is a gifted sports animal and can do everything better than he does. His sister Ella is a talented pianist and even composes her own songs. Otis is hoping that starting seventh grade in a new school will give him a chance to shine and forget about that nickname and everything it stands for, once and for all. His mom and dad are moving the family to a house in the suburbs, and the new school is for both junior and senior high students. This means, of course, that big brother Stu will make sure everyone knows about the nickname, but Otis still isn’t giving up on his dream of being the greatest.

David Tiefenthaler’s preteen novel, O.K. is Great, is funny, inspirational and exciting all at once. Tiefenthaler’s illustrations make this story feel like a graphic novel, even if it does have more words than one normally finds in that genre, and the drawings work so incredibly well with the plot. I loved the pictures of big brother Stu, especially the one illustrating the dreaded nocturnal elbow drop. Otis and Leo’s training sessions are marvelous and the sports aspect of the story works wonderfully. Tiefenthaler also addresses the subject of bullying and cyber-bullying in a way that is supportive and positive. I had a lot of fun reading O.K. is Great. Otis is an awesome character, and I’m hoping that the author will keep us up to date on Otis’s further adventures. O.K. is Great is most highly recommended.

Shiny Five Star Readers' Favorite Seal of Approval

Shiny Five Star Readers’ Favorite Seal of Approval

Take an #OKSelfie with #OKisGreat

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O.K. is Great, my book, is about to take social media by storm.  Here’s my plan to be a trend setter in the world of books.

Step One – Buy O.K. is Great.

Step Two – Read it

Step Three – Take a selfie with the book, but make sure it isn’t a great selfie.  It should only be okay.  Then post that pic on social media with the hashtags #OKSeflie and #OKisGreat.

Want to see some?  Here’s Shelly’s pic!

I'm OK x 2

I’m OK x 2

Next up we have twins with their dad.



Here’s one fan who read the book and then decided to go out for the track team!

Put that tongue back in your mouth, young man!

Put that tongue back in your mouth, young man!

My wife read it!  She couldn’t help but smile for the camera.

I love to snuggle with O.K.

I love to snuggle with O.K.

Finally, here’s one of me.

The camera scares me.

The camera scares me.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Dave, you are much too handsome for an #OKSelfie.  You’re probably right.  I posted this to Instagram and got 11 hearts.  I’ve got to dial down my handsomeness, but I don’t know how.  It’s a curse.

Tag!  You’re it.  Get the book, read it, and take a pic.  I look forward to seeing you on social media as I stalk the hashtags #OKisGreat and #OKSelfie.

Promoting O.K. is Great on my Tips4Running YouTube Channel

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If you’re a casual follower of this blog, you may not know that I lead a double life.  No, I’m not Batman.  Then again, Batman and I have never been in the same room at the same time.

I’m getting off topic.  What I mean to say is that I have a YouTube channel called Tips4Running where I make videos about tips for running.  My persona on there is “Coach Tief” because I was a collegiate runner, and a track and cross country coach after I graduated from college.  I’ve got a lot of subscribers on YouTube, so I’m using that site to push my book, O.K. is Great, out into the world.  Here’s the quick video promo I made.

Happy Trails,

Coach Tief!

Stuff Mr. Tiefenthaler Says

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Teaching can be a rough job at times, but two kids today surprised me in class with something they’d been working on for a long time. Apparently, all year they wrote down any strange, interesting, or funny quotes I said. They turned it into a PowerPoint and shared it with the class.

I’m an English teacher, and I tend to get carried away telling random stories. (These stories fit well with the Speaking and Listening Standards, so don’t worry you Common Core advocates. The students in my class are getting a well rounded education.) 

I now present the top ten things that I said to my 7th grade English class this year.

10. The only good thing that came out The Great Depression was the term “hobo”.

9. Star Wars: It’s a family drama with light sabers.

8. You have to try demolition derby sledding. Get four friends with four sleds and there’s only one rule. You have to switch sleds in the middle of your ride. It’s awesome.

7. Let your words mingle and dance with each other.

6. I’m going to put my GoPro camera on my Mini Van and go to the drive thru at McDonalds. Extreme!

5. A funny google image search is “fat bears”. Actually, don’t search that.

4. Any cereal that changes the color of your milk to pink is probably unhealthy, but it also is probably amazing.

3. There was a doll for boys when I was a kid. It was called My Buddy! Sing it with me. My buddy, my buddy. My buddy, my buddy. My Buddy and me!

2. I live on a rainbow, and I wear my baby blue pants because those are my happy pants. (I have light blue pants and kids were commenting on them – I had to defend myself)

1. The English language is a hot mess.

Yes, I did say all these things. Some of them I remember why I did, and other’s I’m not quite sure what I was thinking about when I said them.

*** David Tiefenthaler wrote a book, O.K. is Great, and the reviews are in!  ***

“I love this book. It is humorous, but well grounded in reality. The author seems to know and understand well the angst of adolescent boys. If you have enjoyed the wimpy kid books try this one.  It’s funny, witty, has hilarious illustrations, and tells a great story, too.”

*** Pick it up in Paperback, on your Kindle or Nook, on iTunes or at Smashwords.  ***