Twitter Poetry #soulhoot (31/365)

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A while back, I did some poetry on Twitter.  It was on a raucous Friday evening when I discovered I really enjoyed writing poems that are 140 characters or less.  The suggestions I was following were from @poemcrawl.

The next event like this won’t happen again until late February, but I discovered another Tweeter that uses the name @Soulhoot that tweets out poem ideas daily.  Here’s a few of the poems I wrote recently.


Word to incorporate: “kindness”

This ain’t no weakness
you see
I gots the kindness
you need
no hard shell here
that ain’t no sin
soft on the out
strong on the in

Words to incorporate: “no mercy”

Older brother
always wrestling me
drop kicks, arm bars, head locks
“No mercy!”
he’d shout
until I called out,

Words to incorporate: “tender hands”

Blue collar man
callused and worn
comes home to kids
Time to play, Dad!
Throw me high
and catch me!
He does
with tender hands

Words to incorporate: “ice cold”

At 92
Grandpa can do
whatever he pleases to
Go get him
His old fashioned
and make sure
it’s ice cold

Words to incorporate: “empty nest”

Raised ’em right
stepped off the branch
they took flight
nothing left
but an empty nest
two proud parents
and this emptiness

I look forward to seeing what the prompt will be each day.  Check out the poems ideas by following @Soulhoot and reading all the #soulhoot tagged poems.  

My Rap Pseudonym is T-Money (22/365)

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In class today, the word of the day was pseudonym (a fake name).  I made all my students make up their own pseudonym as if they were a rapper.  I followed along and dubbed myself “T-Money”.  The next step was to write at least a four line rap verse where you mix your rap name into the lyrics.  We’re in a poetry unit, and adding rhythm to rhyme is fun to teach with rap songs.

Of course I participated along with them.  Here are the three different verses that T-Money threw down!

T-Money's Logo Green and Gold.  Oh, so bold.

T-Money’s Logo
Green and Gold.
Oh, so bold.


Ya’ll better get to know me, I’m the greatest rapper ever
wrap my rhyming words around you like a Christmas sweater
My name’s T-MONEY and I’m legendary
A 38 year old rappin visionary


Yeaaahhhh  Tick – Tock
Hip – Hop
Rock so hard
and I never stop
My names T-Money
There is none greater
I’m like Taylor Swift
cause I’m shaking off the haters


I am T-Money  – Yeah
and I’m no phony – Yeah
some think it’s funny – Yeah
I love my pony – Yeah!

Any of you rappers out there, if you need me lace your next track with my sick rhymes, holla’ at me.  T-Money 4 Evah.

Twitter Poetry #PoemCrawl (18/365)

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Last night, I saw the hashtag #PoemCrawl on my trending topics in Twitter.  I decided to check out what the fuss was.  Turns out, a person on Twitter with the name BarMaiden and the handle @poemcrawl tweets out ideas for short poems.  I decided to give it a shot.  Here’s the poems I came up with, and naturally, all of them are 140 characters or less.


Words to incorporate: “in wonder”

My first ball game
with Dad
at the big park
huge grandstands
loud fans a sparkling
green and brown diamond
I stared in wonder

Words to incorporate: “first bite”

The sting of scraped knees
and burned hands
first bite
of the pavement
on my new bike

Words to incorporate: “fragrant beauty”

She’s gone
won’t be back
all that’s left
a forgotten sweater
smells like her
fragrant beauty

Words to incorporate: “faded imprint”

Old Queen
faded imprint

Words to incorporate: “falling like snow”

The years
and years
they go
falling like snow

Words to incorporate: “little notes”

Little notes
on little sheets of paper
age 18
the last year
living with mother
I’ll be home late
but I’ll wake you
when I’m home

It was a fun writing exercise to say the least.  I was glad I did it, and I hope to try again the next time BarMaiden sends out the call for the #PoemCrawl.  You should too!

The Four Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

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It’s time to dust off the tools of ignorance

Get out your athletic support

Grab the Delaware River mud

and the rosin bag, ole sport

The South paws, the hurlers, the closers,

and throwers of every sort,

the starters, side-winders, flame-throwers,

and relievers to hold the fort

Plus squatters, and backstops are coming

boarding planes at the airport

They’re all heading to Arizona or Florida,

but not to a resort

“Hope springs eternal in the dead of winter,”

my father did retort.

“The four greatest words in the English language,

pitchers and catchers report.”