The Best Diet Book Ever, FREE – Guaranteed Weight Loss – (39/365)

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***I’m only kidding at the start, but my Diet Book really is free***

Because I’m a running guru, and an Internet sensation, I get approached to promote countless products. (I actually do have over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. I’m kind of a big deal.) Most of the money is in the diet and nutrition side for product promotion because people will pay lots of money for you to tell them why they are fat.  Now, I’ve never once agreed to promote any of their products, fancy gadgets, and weight loss miracle food plans.  You know why?

Well I’m here to tell you why!  I hold the secret (a heavily guarded secret by the fat cats in the food industry).  Matter of fact, now that I posted this article onto the Interwebs, my very life is in grave danger.  Don’t worry.  You can share my secret.  I’m going into hiding after this and changing my name to Divad instead of David.  They’ll never find me.

Stand back.  Hold the phone.  Brace yourself.  Hide the women and children.  Umm, I’m running out of things to say to build the drama.  Here it is.  My Best Diet Book Ever for FREE!


Did you read my book?  Great stuff, right!  Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Eat less of everything else.  I kind of ran out of room with the word ‘everything’ on the front cover of my book, but I still think it has a chance to be a best seller.

Can a free book be a best seller?  I’ll be like U2 after they dumped their album into everyones’ iPhone and made people want to delete it.  So cool!

Okay.  That’s it.  You don’t even have to look the inside cover of my book.  There is no inside.  It’s just that picture I drew with a blue marker and a green crayon.

At the start of the article, I mentioned my running background.  Here’s an informative video I made about running to lose weight.  I mention the same stuff about diet in that video too.

Feel free to share my unbelievable weight loss secrets, but eat an apple or a carrot first.