Charles Barkley Loves Teachers (43/365)

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Teaching is tough.  Any time someone says something positive about the craft, it makes me feel a lot better about what I’m doing.  Charles Barkley cheered me up today.

I love watching clips of Jimmy Fallon on YouTube.  I don’t stay up late enough to watch the show when it is aired, but I just watched an interview he did with Charles Barkley, and right away in the interview, Charles Barkley talked about the important jobs in life.  Here’s the transcript, and then the video

JIMMY:  Yeah, you were saying backstage.  You said that there are only five real jobs the world.

CHARLES: Yeah.  Teacher, fireman, police man, doctor, somebody who’s in the armed services.  Everybody else can just shut the hell up and enjoy life, you know.

I appreciate the thought, although, I hope I can still enjoy life and still be a teacher.

Here’s the video.  Barkley goes on about some other things, and it’s quite humorous, but what he said really made me feel good today.

Thank you, Sir Charles!  You made my day.  Share this with any teachers, farmers, police officers, doctors, and armed service members to make their day too!


  1. It’s good to get a pat on the back. Well done. He forgot nurses though. They deserve a huge pay rise. They were brilliant during my daughter’s Cancer treatment (along with the Drs of course). And her teacher was so great and supportive of her when she returned to school.

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