Contribute to Society, Kids (12/365)

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I put the smackdown on my kids this weekend.  Wait a minute.  Talking like I’m a professional wrestler instead of a parent doesn’t play very well sometimes.  I need to watch my word choice.  No, I didn’t hit my kids, but I did tell them in a very firm voice, “You kids need to go and shovel the sidewalk.”  It’s time they start contributing to society.  More importantly, they need to make my life easier.

Get familiar with this thing, kids!

Get familiar with this thing, kids!

Keeping a clear path on the sidewalk is very important for society because then the citizens in my neighborhood can go for a walk and not get snow on their boots.  Also, my kids need to know that they have to help out with their family.  I do enough for them already by telling my wife to do stuff for them.  I’m kidding.  I’m only kidding.  I’m a good Dad.  I play video games with them.  Go me!

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