Eating Because I’m Bored (23/365)

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I’m home alone today.  The kids are at school, and my wife is at work.  I have the day off because I’m a teacher, and the first semester just ended.

I still have plenty of papers to grade and such, but we didn’t have to come into work today.  Man is it weird being all alone.  I’m scared.  There is one thing that is comforting.  There’s a ton of food here, and there’s nothing stopping me from eating it all!

It's only my third bag of Doritos today.

It’s only my third bag of Doritos today.

Working from home would be tough for me because I think I’d just start eating out of boredom.  I mean, the refrigerator is right there!  It’s filled with all sorts of goodies.  Don’t forget about all the candy that we hide from the kids that I just end up eating.  Hello Gummi Worms and Peanut M&M’s.

I’d better go for a run and get out of this house.

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