Fan Art Friday (58/365)

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Here’s a few pictures I found scattered in my house.  First up is The Flower Child’s picture.  She drew this on Valentine’s Day.



From left to right, in the picture, there is Safari, a giraffe, Fluffy, a lion, Slush, a husky dog, and Cupcake, the kitten.  Strawberry is down below, and she’s a otter.  They all want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The next entry is from Ivan.  He drew a castle.


Ivan said that there were spider webs all over the castle.  Also two tanks, they are red, were on each side of the castle.  One of them was shooting at Darth Vader.  I’d also like to note that the bad guys are smiling.



  1. Tough decision on which is my fav, but the Valentine’s card just edges out the castle.

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