FTC Nonsense

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FTC stands for Federal Trade Commission.  They try to keep people from doing mischievous things on the internet, like recommending products when in fact, they really don’t know anything about said product.  Another bad thing that some websites do is say one thing in a link, and then the link takes you somewhere else.

I don’t do naughty things like that.  When I have a link, I will be very clear as to where it will take you.  This page is technically called my “Affiliate Disclosure.”  I am affiliated with Amazon.  Maybe you’ve heard of them before.  They sell books and a bunch of other products there.  If I ever have a book for

When I’m talking about a book I’ve read, I link to it through Amazon.  Then you can buy it, and a little money goes to me.  This is the only way I have monetized my site so far, and it definitely isn’t covering the cost of running this blog.

I’m an Amazon affiliate because I hope my book gets on there, and there isn’t any nice independent bookstores in the area that I live.  The only one within a 25 mile radius of me went out of business years ago.

This is probably the worst ever FTC affiliate disclosure page you’ll see in your life.  I’m not a lawyer for a reason.

– Dave

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