How to Make an Antiviral Video

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Over this past summer, I got a little squirrelly and made a few videos with my spare time.  I should be writing, but I’m in a holding pattern with my book.  I have half of the sequel written, but I don’t want to get too far into the second because an editor might suggest major changes to the first book that would affect the content of the second book.

The particular video I’m sharing here is my attempt at making something humorous.  My wive absolutely loathes this video.  Almost every serious YouTuber wants to hit it big with a viral video, so I made a how to video on how to do the opposite and make an Antiviral Video.

I’m a realistic individual, so I know that I don’t have much of a chance to create a viral video.  My cat doesn’t do very many exciting things, nor do I have any amazing talents.  I combined these two lackluster things, my lazy cat, and myself, and created a visual masterpiece.  Enjoy…


P.S. I thought the start was the best.  I was rubbing hand sanitizer on my hands and then on the cat’s paws.  I didn’t really put any on the cat.

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