I Don’t Want to Spam my Facebook Friends (50/365)

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Of course, I analyze the traffic stats of my blog, like a red-tailed hawk stares at the slightest movements of grass in an open field.  That was a great simile because there is very little to no action on this blog/journal.  In my Wordpress Jetpack Site Stats I usually get about 1.5 visitors per day.

I’m tempted every day to post a link to this website on Facebook.  When I do, I get some more traffic, but I don’t think that’s polite.  I don’t want to spam my Facebook friends.  I’d like it if they would become fans of this page, but if I push the limit, I just end up as another annoying person screaming into the void.  Look at me!  Look at me!

I must remember the goal.  The goal is to improve my writing skills.  When I do, I create just amazing similes about hawks and blog traffic.  Riveting!

Remember the first Star Wars. Well, actually, it was the Episode IV: A New Hope.  The X-wing fighters were flying in a trench on the Death Star and they were going to fire these torpedo things to blow the Death Star up.  At one point, this one X-wing fighter says to the other, “Stay on target!  Stay on target!”   Yes.  I must stay on target.  I must write because I want to write, no matter who’s reading or not.


Did I mention that the pilot that was supposed to stay on target got blasted to death?  The picture above is from my second book in the O.K. series.  Otis built an X-wing fighter out of cardboard boxes.

On the bright side, this is the 50th day in a row with a journal entry for Project 365.  I’m going to try to do this thing for the whole year, and after 30 days, they say you develop a habit.  I feel like I have done that, because multiple times during the day, I’m thinking about what I should write that evening.  That’s a start!


  1. Ditto to the first part. I’m having the same issue with spamming my facebook friends_ I hate it!.
    Write for the love of it is the way to go. They say do what you love first and the money will follow but it’s a slo road. Be patient. Learn to lean on God. It’s a comfort and a blessing.

  2. Keep on posting and I’ll keep on dropping by.

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