It is only Minor Surgery if It isn’t on You (17/365)

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Having surgery is brutal.  A friend of mine was talking about how his wife might have to have knee surgery.  The best case scenario for her is called arthroscopic knee surgery, more commonly called a “scope”.

I’ve had that surgery, on both knees actually.  They aren’t fun.  That procedure is an outpatient surgery though, where they knock you out do the surgery, and send you on your way before the day is over.  Another term they use for a procedure like that is “minor” surgery.  Let me say this, though.  It’s only minor surgery if it isn’t on you.

On the bright side, yes, they did work.  Yes, my knees are better now because of them, but getting knocked out with anesthesia and then getting cut into is scary stuff.  One moment, you’re getting rolled into the surgery room with some IV’s in your arms.  The next moment, you’re all sore and groggy sitting in recovery.

I am impressed with the marvels of modern medicine, though.  The cool part about the “scope” was the fact that the doctor can take pictures of the insides of your knee with this little camera they insert into the knee joint.  That way, they don’t have to make big incisions, just a couple of little ones.  One for the camera, and one or two for the tools they insert to clean up the cartilage damage in your knee.  The doctor looks at a video monitor of the camera in your knee as he does his work.

I laughed at the doctor, not intentionally, after the surgery was over.  He brought me pictures of the inside of my knee.  He was like, “Here’s a few pictures of your meniscus (the cartilage) before we did surgery.  As you can see, there’s some damage here.”

I nodded my head like I understood, but the picture to me looked like blobs of grossness all over.

That's what the inside of my knee looks like.

That’s what the inside of my knee looks like.

The doctor continued as he pulled out a new set of pictures, “Now look at these pictures after I cleaned up the damage and smoothed out the meniscus.”

Like an ungrateful jerk, I chuckled.  The doctor frowned.  I said, “I’m sorry, but the after pictures, to me at least, look no different than the gross ones you showed me just before.”

I don’t remember his exact words, but they were something along the lines like, “Well, I assure you, your knee is much better off now.”

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