Keywords and Flickr (55/365)

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I’m still working through the book by Kristen Lamb about how to be a dominant force on the internet with your blog and your author platform.  This is another assignment, so to speak as I’m putting together all this stuff.  I really want to be successful as an author, so I’m going to follow her plan step by step.  For the readers, I’ll keep you posted on if this makes a difference for me.

Today’s assignment is uploading my pictures to Flickr.  This is a picture sharing sight, and I’m hoping some of my phenomenal illustrations using Crayola Markers will garner some attention.  I’m not saying my drawings will get positive attention, for they are pretty basic, and poorly drawn.  I may get some negative responses.  However, I wouldn’t mind any attention at this point.

The other thing I have to focus on are keywords.  When a person does a internet search with Google or Bing or Yahoo, they type in a phrase or keywords.  I need to make my articles, as well as my author page keyword friendly.  That’s an assignment for a different day.  I know I’ll have to use words like middle grade author, or middle school teacher and such.  I hope I can still make it interesting to read.  There’s the challenge.

The last thing is I have to pin my pictures onto a Pinterest page.  I don’t think I have a Pinterest account, so I’ll have to get on that too.


That’s all for today.  Wish me luck on my quest to be a successful author!


  1. There is some great stuff on Pinterest. It’s a very visual platform.

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