Million Dollar Restaurant Idea (10/365)

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I worked in a restaurant long enough to know I never want to be a part of that world ever again.  However, when I was there, it didn’t stop me from coming up with the perfect concept for a restaurant that would earn millions upon millions of dollars.

Saints and Sinners

Here's my weak attempt at a logo.  I hope it doesn't offend anyone.

Here’s my weak attempt at a logo. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

That is my restaurant idea.  It is incredibly simple too.  One half of the menu is dedicated to saintly, healthy, incredibly good for you and the environment food.  Think organic, self sustaining, uses no ground water, only grown by grandmothers who are hobby farmers, non GMO, heirloom, umm, I’m running out of ideas, no MSG, no added hormones, loaded with naturally occuring antioxidants, REAL FOOD.

So the saintly side would only include very healthy food choices.  You know, stuff like garden salads, fresh squeezed pomegranite juice, wheat fed buffalo, cage free chickens.  I’m not real good with all the healthy terminology, but it would be the healthiest of the healthiest options only on the saintly side.  They’d all be low cal/no cal, low fat/no fat, no high frucose corn syrup/only naturally occuring sugars, no added chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and the like.

Now, the other half of the menu would be dedicated to the sinners.   It would contain all the decadent, debaucherous, and delicious, but terrible for you food.  Think about all the wonderful treats made in some factory where they insert a buttload of preservatives and unhealthy but yummy additives to it.  Then when the prepackaged food gets to the restaurant, they deep fry it for you, to add another crust of tastiness.

So the sinner side would only include very bad for you food choices.  You know, stuff like a deep fried Twinkie wrapped in bacon, cheese curds, french fries, fried chicken with ranch dipping sauce, mashed potatoes covered in gravy, served with a root beer float, or a chocolate shake with whip cream on top.  Don’t forget to mega-size your order too.

I’ve even thought about the decor.  It should have pictures of polarizing figures, so you could debate with your friends about if that person is a saint or a sinner.  I’m thinking of people like Elvis, Dennis Rodman, Madonna, or maybe James Franco.  You can add your suggestions below.

Now, I have several million dollar ideas.  This is just the first I’m writing about.  I’ll sporadically add more throughout the year.  You are more than welcome to exploit my million dollar dreams, however each idea of mine has an asking price.  If you go forward with this idea, you brave entreprenuer you, and it is successful, I would like to be able to eat at this restaurant for free for the rest of my life.  If it is unsuccessful, well then I guess it wasn’t a million dollar idea after all.

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