Movie Idea for Chris Rock (25/365)

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Here’s a good idea that I have for Chris Rock.  I’m not going to get around to writing this for a little while because I’m working on a different middle grade book called “The Axe” as of right now, but I wanted to jot down my thoughts quick.

Working Title: The White Standards (Not the best title, but it’s all I could think of).

Tagline: Teach the white out of them (Once again, not the best tagline, but it’s a start).

Elevator Pitch:  A liberal black teacher leaves his job at his city school and takes a job in a very conservative, predominately white high school.

Hi. I'm Chris Rock, and I want to work with Tiefsa!

Hi. I’m Chris Rock, and I want to work with Tiefsa!

Premise: Chris Rock is a high school social studies teacher in a city.  The charter school he is at closes due to mismanagement by the principal.  The principal was embezzling public funds, and the school was not performing well academically.  An old friend of Chris Rock’s learns about the school closing and contacts Chris (Let’s say his friend is played by George Clooney).

Clooney is the superintendent of a very successful public high school in the suburbs.  Because he needs the money, and because Chris Rock wants his own high school age kids to experience school in a predominately white conservative suburban school, Chris takes the job.

Here’s an example section of dialogue (Sorry if it isn’t formatted correctly, but it’s hard to do it right on the inter webs).

So you want me to teach in your school?

Yes.  That school desperately needs some different perspectives.

You know you don’t have to hire a black guy.  Just find some Asians, or Mexicans, or maybe a Canadian.

We have a teacher who is Chinese.

Let me guess.  They teach kids how to speak Chinese.

Well, technically he’s teaching Mandarin.  That’s the official language in China.

I’m so sorry for not being politically correct.  Do you have any Mexicans teaching Spanish?

No, but one of our Spanish teachers is from Columbia.

Are you sure you want me to teach Social Studies? Maybe I should be teaching Ebonics.

Once Rock starts teaching there, he immediately runs into some resistance.  The ideas he presents to the high school social studies students are too liberal.  A few of his students have parents on the school board, and they want him fired.  Also, Chris Rock’s kids aren’t adjusting well in the new school.  His kids are great students, but the white students are always bothering them with stereotypical expectations  (They think his kids should be great basketball players, love rap music, be in a gang, etc.).

Clooney supports Rock at every turn.  Clooney has kids of his own at the high school, and they become friends with Chris Rock’s children.  Rock’s daughter also starts dating Clooney’s son, to the dismay of both parents.  Towards the end of the school year, Clooney offers Rock a permanent position at the school, but Rock declines.  Instead, he pitches the idea that Clooney should start his own charter school in the city.

After much consideration, Clooney ends up resigning as superintendent and joins forces with Chris Rock.   The movie ends on the first day of the next school year at the new charter school that Clooney and Rock founded.  All of Rock’s children and Clooney’s children attend the new charter school.

Sounds hilarious, right?  I do think there would be several opportunities for levity in this movie.  I think it would fall somewhere between the drama/comedy umbrella.  So, it’s a dramedy.

If any of my three readers know Chris Rock or George Clooney, let them know of my script idea.  I wouldn’t mind working with them.  I do have one asking price.  They have to babysit my kids, so I could actually go to the movie theater with my wife to watch the movie.

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