My Cat on YouTube and Monarchs on Instagram

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I’ve got to be where my audience is, and I’m hoping they are out there somewhere watching YouTube videos or looking at Instagram pictures.  That’s why I’m getting my feet wet this summer with these two social media options.

This weeks YouTube entry involves my cat, Sylvie.  She’s super normal, so it was a stretch trying to get her to perform in the video.  Let’s just say she’s no Grumpy Cat, nor is she Lil Bub.

As for Instagram, I’ll post my favorite of the week.  This is also a bit of a prelude to what video I’m making next week.  Hope you like monarch caterpillars and butterflies.

Also, I spotted the coolest little bug while looking for caterpillars on milkweed. This rainbow colored bug. The common name for it is the candy striped leafhopper. Seems appropriate.

Looking for #monarch #caterpillars when I found this cool little #Rainbow #Bug.

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David Tiefenthaler

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