My Rap Pseudonym is T-Money (22/365)

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In class today, the word of the day was pseudonym (a fake name).  I made all my students make up their own pseudonym as if they were a rapper.  I followed along and dubbed myself “T-Money”.  The next step was to write at least a four line rap verse where you mix your rap name into the lyrics.  We’re in a poetry unit, and adding rhythm to rhyme is fun to teach with rap songs.

Of course I participated along with them.  Here are the three different verses that T-Money threw down!

T-Money's Logo Green and Gold.  Oh, so bold.

T-Money’s Logo
Green and Gold.
Oh, so bold.


Ya’ll better get to know me, I’m the greatest rapper ever
wrap my rhyming words around you like a Christmas sweater
My name’s T-MONEY and I’m legendary
A 38 year old rappin visionary


Yeaaahhhh  Tick – Tock
Hip – Hop
Rock so hard
and I never stop
My names T-Money
There is none greater
I’m like Taylor Swift
cause I’m shaking off the haters


I am T-Money  – Yeah
and I’m no phony – Yeah
some think it’s funny – Yeah
I love my pony – Yeah!

Any of you rappers out there, if you need me lace your next track with my sick rhymes, holla’ at me.  T-Money 4 Evah.

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