My Weird Secret (16/365)

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This isn’t a good sign.  I had to research writing topics for today’s journal entry.  Shouldn’t I be loaded with them right now?  I’m only in the middle of the first month of this Journal 365 project I created!

Either way, I found a good idea.  When I say good, I mean it’s really weird.  Weird is good in my book.  The writing prompt said, “Share a secret about yourself.”

Here goes.

After I say hello to someone or wave to someone, when they are gone, I replay my “hello” to see if I sounded weird.


Like, say I’m walking from the lunchroom back up stairs to my classroom (I’m a teacher).  The Principal or another teacher might pass me and say, “Hello, Mr. T.”  I’ll respond with a wave and say, “Hi there,” or something to that effect.  Once I’m up the stairs, I look around to make sure no one is near, and then wave again and say “Hi there.”

That’s my weird secret.  I replay my greetings to people.

Now that I think about it, I usually think I sound awkward when I’m saying hello to someone as I walk up the stairs.  It’s hard to go up or down stairs and say hello.  I’m not good at multitasking.  Maybe I should wait until I’m on flat ground to respond to their hello.  No.  That would be even weirder.

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