Natasha is Still Cat Crazy

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My daughter, who recently got bit in the face by a cat, is doing fine.  Her face is healing quite well.  The swelling is totally gone, and only a few small marks remain on her face. It helps that my wife takes such good care of her.  We bought some Mederma and Vitamin E.  Natasha rubs it all over her face like she’s putting on makeup.

I wish I could say that Natasha learned something from being mauled, but its like it never happened in her mind.  We haven’t visited Aunt Bertha’s in a while, so she hasn’t been playing with Darkness.  That’s the cat that bit her.  At home, we have a very docile feline, and Natasha’s terrorizing that one though.  When she’s not chasing the cat, she’s drawing pictures of our cat. Here’s her latest effort.

Don't you think my bow is cute!

Don’t you think a cat with a bow is cute!

Not to bad for a five year old, if I do say so myself.  One of the nice things about writing and illustrating is your children get into it too.  Every day, all three kids sit down to color, write, or paint.  I could do without the painting.  It always ends up on my three year old’s face.

If you’re wondering, Natasha likes Hello Kitty.  That’s why she put the bow in the cat’s hair.  Our cat, we’ll call her Silve, because that’s her name, actually does get bows in her hair.  In addition to putting bows on the cat, Natasha has managed to put three different outfits on Silvie, and she’s determined that our cat looks best in pink.

Here’s one mistake I made.  Sometimes, Silve will have a little smudge on her butt after she poops.  On accident, I blurted out, “I’d better clean that dingleberry.”  Now the kids are always running around the house chasing the cat to see if she has any dingleberries on her butt.

I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s pretty hilarious when my three year old son hollers at the top of his lungs, “Daaaad!  Silve’s got a dingleberry!”

For all the readers out there, if you didn’t realize already, here’s a little warning:  My sense of humor never made it past my sophomore year of high school.

– Dave


  1. Aunt Bertha says:

    Did Aunt Berths mention that Natasha tried to pick up Darkness the very next am when he was trying to eat breakfast?

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