No Screen Time Sundays (4/365)

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I look at a screen way too much every day.  There’s the TV, the Computer, and my iPhone.  Wait, there’s also the Kindle.  Oh, yeah.  Don’t forget about the Leap Pad.  That has to be bad for my eyesight, only looking six inches away from my face all the time.  I need to look around at the real world.  I need to get outside and experience life.  Or maybe I just need to clean the house and do some laundry.  Either way, I have to stop staring at a lighted screen.

We're breaking up. I'm serious!

We’re breaking up. I’m serious!

Starting today, I’m going to try out “No Screen Time Sundays”.  I’m already breaking this rule to type my journal entry for the day, but after this, no more!

I’ve never been addicted to any kind of drug or alcohol, but I imagine it must be similar to me always reaching for my iPhone, working on the computer, or staring at the TV.  I feel a little lost when I can’t use something like that.  Being addicted to something must be brutal if it’s similar to how I am with screen time.

Well, here goes.  I’ll see you tomorrow, beautiful glowing screen.

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