Overwhelmed Middle School Teacher/Police Officer (36/365)

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I’m a bit overwhelmed today.  This journal entry is going to be short.

First of all, it is going to be short because I want to use all manner of curse words to describe my feelings about my seventh grade students, in particular a group of boys.  I don’t have nice things to say, so I’m not going to say much at all.

I’m quite depressed about middle school in general right now just because of how ugly this age can be.  They are just so evil at times.  I’m tired of being a police officer.  Don’t do this!  You can’t do that!  Face this way!  Do this work!  Don’t lean in your chair.  Please focus on the lesson.  Start reading.  You can’t be on that website!  You’ve lost your computer privileges!  Why’d you say that?

I just want to teach reading and writing skills.  That’s all I want to do.  I want to be able to sit next to that quiet student in the corner and help them work through the lesson.  I don’t want to circulate around the room of 29 students constantly redirecting those who are off task.  That’s not teaching.  That’s babysitting.

Alright.  I said I wasn’t going to say much, and I’ve probably already said too much.

My second reason for keeping it short (ha!  It’s already a few paragraphs of my whining), is because I have an absolute $%# ton of work to do for school.  I have a formal observation I have to prepare for, and I have to fill out a six page document about the lesson I will be teaching that day.  Yes.  Six pages.  There’s much more I have to do to prepare for that, but I’m tired of complaining.

Here’s a picture of a cat that my daughter drew.  Maybe that will cheer me up.

Don't you think my bow is cute!

Don’t you think a cat with a bow is cute!



  1. Chin up … Next week will be better.
    BTW I’m having trouble keeping up with your daily blog posts!


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