Pants or Shirt on First? (59/365)

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At work, during lunch the past few days, we’ve had spirited discussions about what order we get dressed in.  Does your shirt go on first, or do you put your pants on first?  Do you even know what order you get dressed in?


I’ll go over my order as I’m getting prepared for work.  First of all, it should be known that I am terribly unorganized and forgetful.  I have to take several steps the night before work to ensure I won’t run around in the morning like a chicken with its head cut off.  My keys have to go in my lunch bag, or I’ll forget my lunch.  Also, I have to pick out six clothing items and set them in the bathroom.  Here’s my order of getting dressed.

1. Boxers on.

2. T-shirt on.

3.  You would think that socks would be the next step, but I go with shirt here.  I put my collared dress shirt on third.

4.  Pants on next.  This is critical that the pants come after the shirt, because I tuck the shirt in.  I would create an unnecessary step if I did this out of order, or I’d have to stumble around with my pants undone and then put my shirt on.

5. Belt.

6.  Then the socks go on.  Socks go last because I actually tuck a small portion of my pants into my socks, so the leg of my pants don’t creep down and end up under my heel.  I hate that feeling.

Before I leave, I put my shoes on and untuck the pants from my socks.  Then I’m ready to go.

What’s your order for getting dressed?  Are you a pants first, shirt second.  The women at school said pants was second because they don’t tuck it in.

Just for fun, try getting dressed in a different order, but don’t do something weird like wear your underwear on the outside and blame it on me.

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