Seeing Minecraft Blocks in My Sleep (11/365)

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Have you had this experience where you’ve done something repetitive for a major portion of your day, and then when it is time to go to sleep, you close your eyes, and all you see is the same thing you were just doing.

For instance, I played too much Minecraft the other day.  When I went to bed, all that was dancing in my head were dirt blocks, cobblestone blocks, sandstone blocks, and so on.  I saw blocks, blocks and more blocks.

This Minecraft Pickaxe is digging in my brain!

This Minecraft Pickaxe is digging in my brain!

Another example would be when I was learning a new computer programming language.  I had to teach myself “html” which is what you use for writing on your own website.  Then when I went to sleep, it was like all I could see was all this computer language scrolling past me, over and over again.  Unfortunately, that one wasn’t cool like the Matrix.  It was just a white screen with black letters and the html code.  <lame> It was lame! </lame>

On the bright side, if I have been busy writing one of my books, then I get to see all the scenes play out in my head.  That extremely fun.  I actually use this strategy to help me go to sleep some nights.  I try to dream up what will happen next in the stories I am writing.

Am I the weird one, or does any of this happen to you too?

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