Six Things to do Everyday of the Year (28/365)

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I’m only 28 days into my Project 365 challenge where I’m attempting to write a journal entry for every day of 2015, and I’m already thinking of ideas for next year.  That’s probably not a good sign, but it is a good journal writing topic.  BONUS!

1. Go outside for an hour every day.  That one could be tough in the winter months.  I’m not built for the cold.  I shouldn’t say that anymore.  When I was younger, I was razor thin.  I’m much softer these days.

2. Celebrate a different holiday everyday.  I like looking at this website,, where they list all these random holidays.  For instance, today there are five holidays listed: Data Privacy Day, Fun at Work Day, National Blueberry Pancake Day, National Kazoo Day, and Thank A Plugin Developer Day.  If I were doing this, you know I’d be eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’m liking that idea.

Do you really need an excuse to eat blueberry pancakes?

Do you really need an excuse to eat blueberry pancakes?

3. Vlog everyday.  I’m technically blogging everyday, but I prefer the word journalling.  A vlog is a video blog, where you’d see my ugly face on YouTube every day talking about something not very important.  I’m not so sure about this one, unless I came up with a theme for each day of the week.  Like on Monday’s I’d make a Minecraft video (so I don’t have to be on camera).  On Tuesdays I’d do something like film myself outdoors trying to find a deer.  This idea would require a boatload of work.  I don’t think it’s a possibility.

4. Run at least a mile everyday.  This one would be doable as long as I don’t push it too hard.  I don’t have the best knees, but if I don’t try to run a lot of mileage (like going for six or seven mile runs) I could do it.  This would get me outside of the house too because I refuse to run on a treadmill.  I feel like I’m in a hamster wheel whenever I get on one of those contraptions.

5. Try a new food everyday.  As I’m getting more into the blogging because of this journal, I’m finding out that blogging about food is a pretty big deal.  I could join those ranks, but I’d have to go to a place like Whole Foods, and there isn’t anything like that near my house.

6. Catch a creature on camera everyday.  This idea would be awesome because I think my kids would get into it as well.  My daughter, The Flower Child, catches bugs all the time in summer.  We could film these adventures.  The winter months would be tough.  I could focus on birds and maybe go ice fishing?  Nah.  Ice fishing is brutal.  Nothing’s worse than staring at a hole in the ice while I freeze.

What ideas do you have that would be fun to try?  Do you think you could do any of the ones I have listed above?


  1. Sounds like you’re off to a good start for next year already.

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