Staring into the Sky after Shoveling (13/365)

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For some reason, whenever I’m done shoveling, I lie down in the snow.  I don’t know why I do this, but I’m pretty sure other people partake in this activity too.

Yesterday, my wife and I were shoveling off the driveway.  We finished clearing it, and then I plopped down in a snowdrift.  My wife found a drift of her own, and lied down too.  We both stared at the bright blue sky above us and didn’t move for at least ten minutes.

Make a snow angel in the snow!

Make a snow angel in the snow!

High above, wispy cirrus clouds moved slowly, like feathers hovering in the cold wind.  The blue glow of the sky hurt to stare into after a minute or two, so I gave up on squinting and closed my eyes. Little flecks of light, almost like imaginary snowflakes danced in the darkness as I held my eyes closed.  Finally, the cold on my back started to get a bit too uncomfortable, I opened my eyes, stood up and helped my wife out of her snowdrift.

What I’m wondering is if we are weird or is this pretty normal?  Do any of you lie down on the snow and stare into the sky?  I highly recommend it!

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