Who Would You Have Lunch With, Dead or Alive? (27/365)

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Someone asked me today, “If you could go out to eat lunch with someone dead or alive, who would you pick?”

I was like, “Well, I wouldn’t pick someone who’s dead.  They would be all dead and gross and probably wouldn’t talk too much.”

Then they explained further that the person I picked would be alive, and that I could talk to them about anything I wanted too.  If that were the case, I wouldn’t want to meet and talk to anyone dead or famous at all.  I narrowed my list down to a top three after giving it some thought.  Here’s my top three people to eat lunch with, no matter if they’re dead or alive.  Well, I still picked people that are alive.

1. My wife, Lisa Marie.  With three children, we never get to go out on dates anymore.  I loved going out to lunch or dinner with my wife before we had children.  Now, when we do get to go out on a date, I get as excited or more than I did when I first started dating her.  There’s two reasons for my excitement.  Number one, because this happens so rarely, and I love my wife just as much as I did when we were married.  Getting to spend time with her when we both don’t have to worry about the kids, preparing the meal, or doing the dishes, is delightful.  My second reason is, unlike when we first started dating, I actually have some money to spend now.  We can go to those fancy restaurants like Noodles and Company, and I won’t fret over the bill.

This is the last time we were on a date, at a friend's wedding, about three years ago.

This is the last time we were on a date, at a friend’s wedding, about three years ago.

2. My brother. I don’t get to see my older brother that often anymore.  For a few years after college, we were roommates in a nice apartment in Milwaukee.  During that time, when his birthday rolled around, I would take him out to Burger King.  We’ve done this a few times since then, but not annually like it should happen.  Whenever we do get to do something like this, I really enjoy it.  We’ll talk about the important things in life, like if the Brewers will be any good this year.

3.  The last one isn’t a specific person, but I would like to have lunch with a publisher, as long as it isn’t about why my book ideas stink.  We’d be discussing how wonderful my books were selling.  They’d be saying, “Everyone loves the book.  We can’t keep it on the shelves.  Also, we’re very sorry the internet crashed because so many people were trying to buy an electronic version.”

I’d be all nice and understanding.  “No worries,” I’d laugh.  “Just don’t let the internet crash again.  I want to watch some more silly cat videos.”