Coffee Makes Me Crazy (32/365)

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So, I’m completing my journal entry for Sunday about as early as you possibly can.  It’s about 12:15 in the morning. Saturday just came to a close moments ago, and I’m not in bed.  I made the silly mistake of having a cup of coffee around nine at night.

My wife bought me a Keurig, which can make single cups of tea or coffee.  I forgot about how just a little caffeine can keep me up for hours.  I used to use this to my advantage back in my high school days when I would go out to Denny’s or Perkins with my friends.  I’d have one cup of coffee and a piece of pie, and I was good to go for hours.  I remember coming home and being wound up tighter than a banjo string.  I’d go in my basement and play Nintendo for until my eyes dried out from not blinking for six hours.  Then, I’d finally go to bed.

Oh no.

Oh no.

I recall one time, my mother came down in the basement when I was playing video games in the wee early hours of the morning.  She asked, “Why are you still up, David?”

I said, “I tried to sleep, but I can’t close my eyes!  I think that coffee is bad for me.”

She nodded her head and said, “Okay, honey.  Just come to bed sometime soon.”

On the bright side, just before I typed this up, I did hash out a section of the newest book I’m working on.  I figure, I only have about four chapters to go, and I made some significant progress today.  I guess I should probably work on it some more, since I don’t think my eyes will close if I go to bed right now.  Nah.  I think I’ll play some Minecraft.

Cheating Minecraft (15/365)

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So, there’s this game.  Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called Minecraft.  If you haven’t played it, don’t.  It’s too addictive and will suck you into the world of mystical block building.  If you are already hooked on Minecraft, then you probably have already used the strategy I’m about to talk about.  No matter who you are, read on.  Isn’t it fun to hear about my convoluted ramblings!

Anyways, I’m debating if I’m cheating the game with this fail safe strategy I just used.  It certainly feels like cheating.  Here’s the deal.

This Minecraft Pickaxe is digging in my brain!

This Minecraft Pickaxe is digging in my brain!

STEP ONE – Get all the materials needed for a risky adventure.

STEP TWO – Exit the game and disable the autosave function.

STEP THREE – Go back to my game and enter the Nether through a portal that has already been constructed.

STEP FOUR – Wreak havoc in this treacherous place or die trying.  Once I have been transported to the Nether, I attack everything in sight like a crazed lunatic with nothing to lose, for I truly have nothing to lose.  I fight with every mutated creature I come into contact with.  Die, Blaze, you spinning yellow weird creature.  Taste the wrath of my Diamond Sword which has been enchanted to smite you down.  Death to you, Zombie Pigmen.  You don’t even attack unless provoked.  Well guess what?  I’m feeling provokish (I don’t think that’s a word). Don’t get in my way, Wither Skeleton.  I’ll reduce you to bones, even though you’re already bones.  I guess I’ll disassemble your bones.

STEP FIVE – Once I’m done dealing out death and destruction to these hopeless victims, I roam dungeons looking for loot to steal.  If I make it back to my Nether portal and return home unscathed, I save my game.  If I die, I don’t save my progress.

So, is this cheating the game?  I’m on the fence.  Let me know!  Either way, I find it very fun, unless I die.  Then I throw the controller and rage quit.

Seeing Minecraft Blocks in My Sleep (11/365)

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Have you had this experience where you’ve done something repetitive for a major portion of your day, and then when it is time to go to sleep, you close your eyes, and all you see is the same thing you were just doing.

For instance, I played too much Minecraft the other day.  When I went to bed, all that was dancing in my head were dirt blocks, cobblestone blocks, sandstone blocks, and so on.  I saw blocks, blocks and more blocks.

This Minecraft Pickaxe is digging in my brain!

This Minecraft Pickaxe is digging in my brain!

Another example would be when I was learning a new computer programming language.  I had to teach myself “html” which is what you use for writing on your own website.  Then when I went to sleep, it was like all I could see was all this computer language scrolling past me, over and over again.  Unfortunately, that one wasn’t cool like the Matrix.  It was just a white screen with black letters and the html code.  <lame> It was lame! </lame>

On the bright side, if I have been busy writing one of my books, then I get to see all the scenes play out in my head.  That extremely fun.  I actually use this strategy to help me go to sleep some nights.  I try to dream up what will happen next in the stories I am writing.

Am I the weird one, or does any of this happen to you too?