A Questionnaire for The Tooth Fairy (53/365)

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Yesterday, my oldest son, Bob the Builder lost a tooth.  He was eating a hard shell taco of all things when it came out.  That’s actually the second time he’s lost a tooth eating a taco.  Of course, Bob was excited for the tooth fairy to come, but my daughter was even more excited.

Even though she didn’t lose a tooth, The Flower Child decided that she was going to leave some questions for the tooth fairy under her pillow.  Here’s the first side of the piece of paper she left under her pillow the night that the tooth fairy came.  The Tooth Fairy Questionnaire had two sides.



Here’s all of the questions and answers typed out.  I cleaned up The Flower Child’s grammar, but she writes pretty darn well for her age.

Do you have horses?  No, I don’t.

Dear Tooth Fairy,  I want to know your name.  Pearl

Also, Pearl, our tooth fairy, drew a picture of herself.

There’s more.  Here’s the back side.


How big are you? (She gave the tooth fairy three choices.  The size of a toothbrush, the size of a pea, or the size of lettuce)  The tooth fairy circled toothbrush, naturally.

What is your favorite color?  I love all colors, but sky blue is my favorite.  White is pretty too!

So, now you know.  The fairy that visits our house for teeth is named Pearl, she’s the size of a toothbrush, and likes the colors sky blue and white.  Also, from the picture she drew, she’s a cute little thing!