Rainbow Loom College Plan

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My wife and I are both teachers.  Since we value education, we think that all three of our children should go to college and get a degree.

The downside for my wife and I is we are teachers who don’t earn a ton of money.  Our dream of three children graduating college means we have to save a boatload of money for them.  Currently in our 529 college plan, we have around zero dollars saved up for the three children.

My parents paid for my college education.  My wife earned a scholarship and also received help from her grandfather when paying for her education.  I feel that we should do the same, but according to inflation and the escalating prices of a college education, it will cost us about four million dollars to pay for all three of them.  I might be a bit low with that estimate.


On YouTube, I have posted a bunch of running instructional videos.  They make me a little money each month.  One day, my oldest son, Bob the Builder, said he wanted to do a Rainbow Loom instructional video.  My son watches YouTube Rainbow Loom videos and learns how to make bracelets, so he wanted to post his own creations.  I filmed it for him, and we posted a video.  Bob the Builder did an excellent job explaining how to make a bracelet, and then my daughter, The Flower Child, said she wanted to do one too.  She made a bracelet, and I filmed for her.

BAM!  A cottage industry is born.  Now we just have to wait for the money to pile up.  I checked the stats yesterday for our YouTube channel and we actually made some money.

“Hey kids,” I announced.  “We made 67 cents!”

The Flower Child screamed, “We’re rich!”

Bob the Builder replied, “He said 67 cents, not dollars.”

Wish us luck!  Here is the first video we did.


This video is the one my daughter made.


We only have to make about $3,999,999.33 more and they’ll be set for college.