Twitter Poetry #soulhoot (31/365)

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A while back, I did some poetry on Twitter.  It was on a raucous Friday evening when I discovered I really enjoyed writing poems that are 140 characters or less.  The suggestions I was following were from @poemcrawl.

The next event like this won’t happen again until late February, but I discovered another Tweeter that uses the name @Soulhoot that tweets out poem ideas daily.  Here’s a few of the poems I wrote recently.


Word to incorporate: “kindness”

This ain’t no weakness
you see
I gots the kindness
you need
no hard shell here
that ain’t no sin
soft on the out
strong on the in

Words to incorporate: “no mercy”

Older brother
always wrestling me
drop kicks, arm bars, head locks
“No mercy!”
he’d shout
until I called out,

Words to incorporate: “tender hands”

Blue collar man
callused and worn
comes home to kids
Time to play, Dad!
Throw me high
and catch me!
He does
with tender hands

Words to incorporate: “ice cold”

At 92
Grandpa can do
whatever he pleases to
Go get him
His old fashioned
and make sure
it’s ice cold

Words to incorporate: “empty nest”

Raised ’em right
stepped off the branch
they took flight
nothing left
but an empty nest
two proud parents
and this emptiness

I look forward to seeing what the prompt will be each day.  Check out the poems ideas by following @Soulhoot and reading all the #soulhoot tagged poems.