The Death of Promise and Hope (9/365)

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This year, which I thought was going to hold so much promise and hope, is going downhill fast.

First of all, the flu ran rampant throughout our house, infecting everyone.  The three kids have recovered, but it is still lingering with my wife and I.

Next, I made all these resolutions, and I’m not following them.  It’s hard to stay focused on your resolutions when you’re just worried about your children’s health or your own.

Then, I made an offer to Larry Sanders, of the Milwaukee Bucks, to take his roster spot.  He never got back to me.  Instead, the Bucks are signing Kenyon Martin to a 10 day contract instead.  Who cares if he’s played in the NBA before.  The league needs some new blood, particularly my 38 year old self.  I’ve got the height at six foot one to run point in the NBA.  I just don’t have the quickness, court vision, shot, toughness, endurance, or experience that they need.  Come on!

Old School Bango says I should get paid!

Old School Bango says I should get paid!

At least I’ve got one thing going for me.  I’m still writing this journal every day.  Nine down, only 356 to go.

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