The Jock Strap Package (2/365)

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I’ve got to move all my blog writing and such off of Wattpad.  The people there aren’t interested in the thoughts of an old potato.  I do want to say though, Thank you to those that are reading this journal.  I appreciated it!

Cutting costs.  That should be another goal of 2015 for me.  One thing that I’ve been trying to figure out is if I should get rid of cable TV.  It just seems too expensive when there’s so many other options out there. For instance, we can watch Netflix or Amazon Prime.  We’ve got subscriptions to both of those, plus there’s YouTube and all kinds of other free streaming services.

Here’s the catch though… No sports.  That’s a killer.  I wish there was like “The Jock Strap Package” for  sports on the TV.  I apologize for that last phrase, Jock Strap Package.  That was disturbing.  So disturbing I said it twice and then drew a picture.

New from AT&T, Time Warner, and Comcast (I wish).

New from AT&T, Time Warner, and Comcast (I wish).

For real.  Why can’t someone in entertainment land figure out the pay per channel system like HBO just started.  I would pay for the ESPN stuff, Fox Sports for my Brewers and Badgers games, and then I’d pay for the Big Ten Network.  I guess I’d like AMC too so I can watch “The Walking Dead” but then again, I could survive being one season behind and watching it on Netflix.

Have any of you cut the cord so to speak and don’t have cable TV?  Did you survive or do you miss it?  There’s so many entertainment options available now.  I just wonder if I could do it or not.

P.S.  There are two great horned owls outside hooting, and it is hauntingly cool.  I’m writing this just after midnight on January 2nd.  I should be sleeping.  Actually, that’s a good idea.  Goodnight!

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