The Packers Snatched Defeat from The Jaws of Victory (19/365)

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I’m a Green Bay Packers fan, and yesterday was a terrible day for me.  The collapse that I witnessed was historical.  If you weren’t following along, I’ll sum up what happened for you.

As my Uncle Dick said, “The Packers managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

Aaaand, that’s exactly what happened. There are so many different times where if the Packers were to make one play, JUST ONE MORE PLAY, they would have won.  Now the sad part is, there are about 120 plays per game.  Off the top of my head, I’ll list how many chances the Packers had to make JUST ONE MORE PLAY!

My sad attempt at the Packers logo.

My sad attempt at the Packers logo.

1. Rodgers was picked off in the end zone in the first quarter.

2-5. I should list like number two through 400 for this one because of how many times the Packers were in Seattle territory without scoring.  Anyways, the Packers were on the one yard line for several plays on two drives in a row.  They had to settle for field goals that are shorter than kicking an extra point!

6. Third and 19!  Let me say this again.  Third and 19 to go.  The Packers rush three players.  Russell Wilson sits back in the pocket, makes himself a sandwich, eats it, takes a potty break, comes back, and then completes a pass way down the field.  WHY RUSH THREE.  GET HIM LIKE YOU DID FOR EVERY OTHER PLAY IN THE GAME.  The Seahawks score later on that drive.  As the great Herm Edwards said, “You play to win the game!”

7. Morgan Burnett picks the ball off late in the fourth quarter, and he slides down!  WHY SLIDE?!  I know there wasn’t much time left, but go for the jugular.  Don’t worry about fumbling.  RUN DOWN THE FIELD AS FAR AS YOU CAN!

8-10.  All we needed was one more first down.  JUST ONE MORE, but we ran the ball three times, like everyone in the world knew we would, and then we have to punt.

11. The onside kick.  Some dude, I’m trying to wipe his name from my memory so he doesn’t live on in infamy like Bill Buckner, although he does have the same initials, missed the onsides kick.  It went through his hands and smacked him in the head.  Seattle recovered and drove down for another touchdown.

12.  Russell Wilson was flushed from the pocket during a two point conversion and heaved a prayer up into the air.  His prayer was answered when some dude caught it on the goal line.  Seattle took a three point lead.

Lucky number 13.  Aaron Rodgers called TAILS on the coin flip.  Who calls tails?  Honestly!  HEADS WE WIN!  I admit the last one is a stretch.

Alright.  I got it out of my system.  My rant is over, although I know I missed a bunch of other plays where they could have won.  Now I have to go cry.

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