The Veterinarian: Fixing the Animals Book/Movie Idea (34/365)

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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

– William Congreve

I’ve got another great book/movie idea here.  I’d better document it right here so I can reference this after I finish the current book I’m writing.

Working Title: The Veterinarian

Tagline: Fixing the animals one at a time.

Genre: Horror


Elevator Pitch:  A female college veterinarian student starts dating a famous athlete.  Once the athlete finds out she’s pregnant, the athlete wants nothing to do with her.  The vet finds out that this athlete has several children with several other women, so she seeks revenge and plans on fixing him.

Premise:  I’ve read several stories about athletes that have fathered multiple children with multiple women.  Some terms that makes me cringe are “Babies Momma”  or “Babies Daddy” like, I’ve got five babies mommas.”  What if, a woman decides that the only way to stop some of these philandering men is to fix them permanently?

This woman, the vet student, is going to be a hero of sorts in the movie.  She’s going to seduce men, drug them after they are in her home, and then she’s going to “fix” the men doing a surgical procedure, and we’re not talking about a vasectomy.  It will be what is most often performed on male cats or dogs, which of course would be castrating them.  I’ve got to figure out some way to get some old Price Is Right footage with Bob Barker in there too.   In the end, things are going to go sideways, and this women will end up murdering the man that got her pregnant in the beginning of the story.

I don’t know if I’ll ever write this story, but I think it would be fascinating.  I recently watched “Gone Girl” and also am reading the book.  The characters in that one were so compelling even though there wasn’t really a “good” person to root for.  The book/movie could paint her as a hero, or an anti-hero.  I’m not sure, but there are so many hot button issues that could be highlighted in this story.  I’m the first to admit, there are a ton of men out there that don’t do a good job raising their children.  That could be one focal point of the story.


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