The Tough Mudder Poem

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Tough Mudder

My nemesis, my friend

Twelve miles and 25 obstacles to conquer

to reach the end

Mix teamwork, toughness, imagination,

and a handful of dread

add physical prowess, endurance, strength,

and your own messed up head

What you have is a wonderful

yet toxic mix

that only a brutal

Tough Mudder course can fix

To the Tough Mudders

I salute you

Here’s mud in your eye

and more for your shoe

I’ll be with you this weekend

through the fire and in the ice

over water on funky monkey bars

ready for shocks oh so nice

running up and down hills

and climbing up a few walls

I’ll be sweating and smiling

even as I trip, slip, and fall

This is what we’re all made for

to become one with the earth

this is where our ancestors hunted

this is where we’ve belonged since our birth

with the sun at our back

or the rain in our face

life is like a Tough Mudder

it’s a challenge, not a race


Tough Mudder Poem

– David Tiefenthaler


  1. Good poem, Dave. The picture is an epic poem unto itself. 🙂
    I like your blog. Thanks. Keep going! –Jimmy

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