Twitter Poetry #PoemCrawl (18/365)

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Last night, I saw the hashtag #PoemCrawl on my trending topics in Twitter.  I decided to check out what the fuss was.  Turns out, a person on Twitter with the name BarMaiden and the handle @poemcrawl tweets out ideas for short poems.  I decided to give it a shot.  Here’s the poems I came up with, and naturally, all of them are 140 characters or less.


Words to incorporate: “in wonder”

My first ball game
with Dad
at the big park
huge grandstands
loud fans a sparkling
green and brown diamond
I stared in wonder

Words to incorporate: “first bite”

The sting of scraped knees
and burned hands
first bite
of the pavement
on my new bike

Words to incorporate: “fragrant beauty”

She’s gone
won’t be back
all that’s left
a forgotten sweater
smells like her
fragrant beauty

Words to incorporate: “faded imprint”

Old Queen
faded imprint

Words to incorporate: “falling like snow”

The years
and years
they go
falling like snow

Words to incorporate: “little notes”

Little notes
on little sheets of paper
age 18
the last year
living with mother
I’ll be home late
but I’ll wake you
when I’m home

It was a fun writing exercise to say the least.  I was glad I did it, and I hope to try again the next time BarMaiden sends out the call for the #PoemCrawl.  You should too!

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