Twitter Poetry #soulhoot (31/365)

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A while back, I did some poetry on Twitter.  It was on a raucous Friday evening when I discovered I really enjoyed writing poems that are 140 characters or less.  The suggestions I was following were from @poemcrawl.

The next event like this won’t happen again until late February, but I discovered another Tweeter that uses the name @Soulhoot that tweets out poem ideas daily.  Here’s a few of the poems I wrote recently.


Word to incorporate: “kindness”

This ain’t no weakness
you see
I gots the kindness
you need
no hard shell here
that ain’t no sin
soft on the out
strong on the in

Words to incorporate: “no mercy”

Older brother
always wrestling me
drop kicks, arm bars, head locks
“No mercy!”
he’d shout
until I called out,

Words to incorporate: “tender hands”

Blue collar man
callused and worn
comes home to kids
Time to play, Dad!
Throw me high
and catch me!
He does
with tender hands

Words to incorporate: “ice cold”

At 92
Grandpa can do
whatever he pleases to
Go get him
His old fashioned
and make sure
it’s ice cold

Words to incorporate: “empty nest”

Raised ’em right
stepped off the branch
they took flight
nothing left
but an empty nest
two proud parents
and this emptiness

I look forward to seeing what the prompt will be each day.  Check out the poems ideas by following @Soulhoot and reading all the #soulhoot tagged poems.  


  1. Collect your poetry. Save it. When you have enough for a book publish it. I LOVE your poetry. It is excellent. Maybe this is the “niche ” you weren’t looking for!

  2. Exceptionally talented work here. Do NOT let anyone in, who discourages this.

  3. Here are a few of my own in trade:

    I, Rain


    Gregory Louis Hoover
    Mysteriously born, too beautiful and pure for even my own understanding
    My whole life spent falling – to perish or become something so much bigger,
    as big as the ocean
    Cold winds rush around me, forming me, feeling me,
    sharing my freedom selflessly
    I am but one amongst millions, but we are nothing without one another
    I touch my fellows; we part and are still just right, having been neither enriched nor diminished by our brief union
    And suddenly I hit bottom – and at once also ecstasy – feeling fulfilled, having served my purpose – my life giving life to all other things
    I was a raindrop


    Oh, Van Gogh


    Gregory Louis Hoover
    Oh, Van Gogh, you toil with oils and canvas and life,
    finding fiery oranges in fields of wheat, but no wife
    Living on the bread of the peasants you paint
    The images you left us are more beautiful than life, and yet those within your mind made you take your own
    Now we sense your suffering, now wee see your beauty, but what can we return for the pictures you gave, but mountains of our money (cheap printed pictures of Presidents so roughly wrought and each always like the other).
    We cannot compensate you – Oh, Van Gogh

    The Healing One


    Gregory Louis Hoover
    No schools possess the skills to teach
    to touch the mind as you can reach
    No drug, no charm, no spell to heal
    equals the cures your mind reveal

    Some search you live to ply your gift
    grants solace there to those adrift
    Never forget the good you’ve done
    We’ll never forget The Healing One

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