Watch out, Turkey. I’m a Locavore (24/365)

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Have you ever heard of that term before? My friend out in Southern California mentioned it yesterday in a conversation.  According to Wikipedia, which is always correct, a locavore is “a person interested in eating food that is locally produced” or to be more specific, “food grown within 100 miles of its point of purchase”.

I’m shocked I hadn’t heard this term earlier because where I live, in Southeastern Wisconsin, is the cultural mecca of the world.  My friend, let’s call him Art so I don’t have to keep saying “my friend” because Art is his real name, brought it up because he wants to hunt locally.  After I was done talking to Art, I read a little more about being a locavore.

According to all the research that I’m not going to link to because that’s a lot of work, there are several benefits to being a locavore.  Here are a few.  It’s good for the local economy, it’s better for the environment, the food is fresh, and it won’t be that processed or boxed food with lots of preservatives and additives that isn’t very good for your health.  The downsides are it is more expensive, you have to buy what’s in season, so their won’t be as much to choose from, especially here in Wisconsin when nothing’s growing in the winter.

Now, we all could do a little of this.  My family does some of this already, but we should do more.  Some of the things we do is grow a few things like potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and a few other things in are small vegetable garden.  We visit the town farmer’s market occasionally during the summer.  There are a few trips to farms too.  We pick a boatload of strawberries every June.  We eat as much as we can and then we can the rest.  I mean we make strawberry jam.  In the fall, we pick apples, but that’s where our locavore adventures pretty much end. 

That's my jam!

That’s my jam!

What got me intrigued though was what Art brought up about hunting.  There really is a lot of food wondering around on the edge of the suburbs that could be locavore fair.  Of course, there’s deer, but that’s not what I’m interested in.  I’m not a hunter, but I’ve strongly considered taking up the sport for one reason.  THE EVIL TURKEYS.  There are way too many turkeys that plague the area I live by.  They aren’t actually that bad, but I wouldn’t mine taking a few out.  Especially the ones that hang out by my front door.

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