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After I finished The Beast of Boykinville Road, I decided to turn my attention to the tiefsa YouTube channel.

I’m a huge fan of YouTube.  Anyone can make videos and post them there, so I have joined in on the fun.  My two favorite things to do on YouTube are making fishing videos and to make vlogs (video blogs).  Here’s a playlist for my fishing videos, which involve me trying to catch 50 different species of fish in my home state of Wisconsin.

Since I already lead a pretty busy life as a teacher, I can’t vlog as often as most YouTubers do.  Instead, I’ve created The Weekend Vlog.

Finally, here’s the video trailer from my YouTube running channel called Tips4Running.  My running videos get a fair amount of views because I’ve been making these for quite a while.  If you want to learn more about running, check them out.

– Dave

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